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Success Coaching - College Admissions & Career Planning - High School Junior

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My class of 2022 cohort has been successful, all of my high school Seniors received acceptances from their top choice schools.  Many of my students made decisions before Christmas 2021, received multiple offers from top choice schools and collectively earned more than $2 Million dollars in grants and scholarships. Most importantly my students all feel they have made their best college choice!!!!

Postsecondary planning for current high school Sophomores and Juniors will allow time to implement an effective and efficient strategy.

Success Coaching Objectives

  • Empower students to lead their postsecondary planning process
  • Guided career path and college major exploration
  • Provide tools and resources that will help him/her operate, learn, discover, and plan more effectively
  • Encourage the adoption of a growth mindset
  • Provide tools and resources for regulating negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and disappointment
  • Encourage independence and effective communication and time management
  • Offer accountability and constructive feedback

Rising Junior/Senior Action Plan

  • Comprehensive assessment of personality, academic, extracurricular and community involvement
  • Develop and execute a standardized testing strategy    
  • Identify resources and supports that will optimize the remainder of high school
  • Search for summer internship, enrichment, and community service opportunities
  • Discuss and plan for an impactful senior year
  • Develop a meaningful passion or service project
  • Connect with appropriate organizations for recognition i.e. Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Define criteria for the college experience and strategies for identifying the best possible match  
  • Curate a balanced list of prospective colleges to apply
  • Organize all college admissions related content – Google Drive
  • Update resume, create a bio/brag sheet, and digital footprint
  • Plan virtual college visits (in-person when safe), peer connections, and coordinate faculty introductions