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More About NextU
  • NextU Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer Kina Lane held down my daughter throughout the college application process. She was accepted to the University of Chicago and so far, every other place where she applied. NextU is officially Sophia Certified.

    Dr. Sophia G.,

    Child Abuse Pediatrician

  • NextU provided me with a system to help me confidently manage college applications with less stress. I was accepted to my first choice school Smith College along with STEM research opportunities and a full tuition scholarship worth more than $200K.

    Nubia U,
    Smith College Student

  • College Admissions

    > Individualized Guidance
    > Focused Planning
    > Curated Target Schools List
    > Actionable Reminders
    > Accountability
    > Application Strategy
    > Polished Essay Support

  • Time Management

    > Increase Productivity
    > Time Management Audit
    > Time blocking
    > Prioritizing
    > Creating Balance
    > Remote Learning Strategies

  • Career Exploration

    > Interest Inventory
    > Skills Assessment
    > Identify Opportunities
    > Develop a Network
    > Internship / Fellowships
    > Summer Enrichment

  • Scholarships & Financial Aid

    > Navigate Financial Aid
    > Strategic Scholarship Search

  • Self improvement

    > SWOT Analysis
    > Meaningful Hobbies
    > Support a Cause
    > Sleep Hygiene

  • Soft skills building

    > Inter Personal Communication
    > Intra Personal Communication
    > Problem Solving
    > Personal Finance

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